Center Management & Operational Manager

Our center is Operated by a Center Manager, Operational Manager and also supported by a Training Manager. All of them are highly-experienced in this field of construction skills training and most of them have been with our organization since its beginning in 2006. All of staff reports to the Manager of operations & Training Managers who are directly supervision the daily operations of the centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Supervisors and Instructors

Compared to strength of our company at present about 30 Supervisors and Instructors. Our all Supervisors and Instructors are specialists in their own fields and also afford surrounding guidance and supervision for their trainees at the same time as they undergo their training.

Our supervisors & Instructors most of them are Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Diploma Engineers, College Graduates etc. Some of them are experienced in Singapore long time.

Our center is FULLY SELF SUFFICIENT with the following facilities :

  1. Catering:

Our all trainees are provided with freshly cooked meals daily by our in-house caterers. The menu and food quality is monitored daily to ensure that our trainees get the nutrition that they need. The menu is regularly reviewed based on opinion from both staff and trainees. Special meals are also provided during special occasions.

  1. Accommodation:

Community living is part and parcel of our training center. Here trainees will not only pick up safety and construction skills but also meet new friends and possibly future colleagues when they travel to Singapore.

  1. Power supply:

Our center has its own power supply with emergency back-up generators to minimize interruption to the training schedule should there be a power failure.

  1. 24-hours security:

Security personnel are on duty round the clock at all our center. We also operate a system whereby center staff and supervisors also provide close supervision during off-training hours and during training breaks.

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Training Sheds and Classrooms:

Theory lessons can be conducted in the comfort of both indoor and outdoor classrooms. The indoor classrooms are large enough to accommodate more than 200 workers for the theory lessons and assessments.