Our Certification in Singapore Market

            Employers can be assured of the standard of our training in the course of certifications. Our certification by the Building Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore.

At present, every month we are tested by one of Singapore’s main construction companies namely “Stantarli Test Centre (STL)” to operate Test located in Mirer Bazar, Pubail Dhaka, Bangladesh. For workers intended for the Singapore market, the training quality is certified by Building Construction Authority (BCA), a division of the Singapore government.

            The certification process by the BCA is a accurate one. It requires our workers to be skilled in a theoretical-based & Practical – based assessment. Only when the workers successfully complete both the theoretical-based and the practical assessment will they then be able to proceed to join the construction workforce in Singapore. Every month CITI comes from Building Construction Authority (BCA) Singapore & certified the all worker when test conduct.

We provide a Training certification after successfully completion of Training Course.